Trac-Grabbers for “Oversized” off-road mudder tires


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Trac-Grabbers are manufactured from rugged EPDM rubber like the tires on your truck and can be used over and over again.

Recommended for: Vehicles with Oversized off-road tires *.

*  Tires with a “Girth” greater than 40”.  Girth is the measurement through your wheel and around the tire as a Trac-Grabber would be installed.  For a girth greater than 40” the Oversize XL model is required.

Note: Trac-Grabbers should be installed on each drive wheel rather than installing multiple on one wheel.

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✔ Peace of mind

✔ Easy to install

✔ Ability to rescue yourself without having to put yourself at the mercy of a stranger.

✔ Ability to rescue yourself without having to wait for a towing service and then pay a towing fee.

✔ Safe to use

✔ Affordable

✔ It only takes one person to put them on, drive out, take them off

✔ Once installed, Trac-Grabbers keep providing the necessary traction to get you to stable terrain.

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